Girlfriend, let’s start healing.

1:1 coaching session

As a certified Coach, I can help you start the journey of transforming your life in your one hour session. We will identify the area where you feel the most stuck or the most pain, unpack it, and start a plan for how to move forward towards your transformation. You'll receive resources and information on how to shift your mindset to allow positive things to flow your way, and on how to give yourself enough grace and love to step into your greatness. Sessions can be online or in person!  

4-Session package

For a discounted rate, you can buy this package that will begin your transformation with 4 weekly sessions. This package allows for processing times, and you are given access to my office hours to touch base in between sessions.

30 Days to healthy living

If you are looking for a reset when it comes to your physical health, this 30 day program could be just what you need. Focusing on gut health and detox, we cleanse your body by eating clean, whole foods, hydration and balancing your hormones. Some signs of detox are frequent headaches, low energy, bloating, digestive issues, inability to lose weight, skin problems, low libido… Benefits of this program include better sleep, more energy, clearer skin, weight loss (or gain - depending on your goals!), regular digestion, stronger immune system. ALL WHILE EATING REAL FOOD (because let’s be honest, Mama needs to EAT!). You get 1:1 coaching from me, tons of resources and the most amazing recipes and grocery lists. Get long lasting habits that change your body and your mind, and start healing your relationship with food by figuring out what your body loves.