So you want to transform your life, do ya?

Girl, I got you.

Whether it’s finances, health, your career, a relationship, or your relationship with yourself, I’m obsessed with helping you get whatever the hell it is that you want! But we always start with self love. Because without that, there can be no lasting change. I believe you’re here for a reason. Maybe you’re looking for change. Maybe you need some guidance in making that change. I’m here for you, and even better?! I’ve got your first session for half off! One session with me is typically $49, but you get it for $25! Check out what some other people have said about working with me!


from Sarah H.

Working with Claire has been a great use of my time and energy. She has a beautifully simplistic way of reminding you that you can accomplish what you want and she gives you the tools to do so! We've all got areas in our life that can use improvement and Claire gives you skills to make your goals feel attainable rather than overwhelming. You leave every session feeling motivated to make a change and are reminded that you of worthy of all the things you want and dream of. I am a happier, healthier mama!

From Tracy W.

After our session, I truly felt that you had helped guide me to a realization about my own fear and doubt - that sometimes just "doing it scared" is what needs to happen to make some progress; progress creates confidence, and gives a foothold to keep climbing.  Your insight and wisdom, and the time you took to really understand my motivation and the unique path I need to take, were ultimately what have led me to push through my doubts and take hold of what I know is mine.

Sister, let’s do it. Let’s get you on a path to loving yourself so much, that you can have anything you want!


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