How To Change Your Life by Feeding Your Subconscious

Would you believe me if I told you that JOY is an inherent birth right of ours? Would you believe me if I told you that YOU are the catalyst that can move yourself back to that joy if you feel it missing in your life?

Let’s talk about your subconscious for a moment. If you’ve never read about your subconscious and how powerful it is, I highly suggest it is a journey you begin – especially if you are making changes in your life. I am still a novice when it comes to all things subconscious, but here’s what I know:

-       It stops growing before we do, so everything we learn at a young age is kind of stuck in there (but not forever, if we go to work).

-       It is our connection to the Universe (or God, or spirit, or Cheryl – whatever you personally call higher power).

-       It takes things literally.

-       It takes things personally.

-       You can rewire your brain, thoughts and beliefs, by working within your subconscious.

We collect beliefs as we grow up that stay stuck in our subconscious forever – good or bad. Beliefs from all angles – our families, the media, general society, our peers. Often times, the negative messages turn into things we say to ourselves in tough situations.

I think this is the point where we start to be separated from that God-given joy we all inherit simply by being born.

The messages (that are usually straight up lies) that I’m talking about are things like:

“Money is scarce,” or

“You’re only smart if you get straight A’s,” or

the biggest lie of them all, “I’m not good enough.”

These messages permeate our lives. They often cause us to miss opportunities, feel stuck, or be generally unhappy. But here’s the good news! You can change those messages in your mind by the way you talk to yourself on a daily basis. And if your subconscious is your connection to the Universe, and you are changing the messages in your brain to positive ones, you are NO DOUBT going to be vibing higher, and therefore attracting more good things into your life (that’s how high vibes work… more on that later).

For now, let’s talk about 2 major ways that will help you start rewiring your brain to be more connected to JOY and LOVE and HOPE, rather than fear and scarcity and anxiety.

Affirmations – you can do a simple google or YouTube search on general use of affirmations, but bottom line is that they are WORDS that you say out loud, and see every day to help rewire your brain. Remember how I told you your subconscious takes things literally and personally? Well, when it reads your affirmations (I post mine all over my house and on my phone screen), even if you don’t say them out loud, your subconscious starts to absorb them and take them on as truth.

Positive Self Talk – you may or may not notice the things you say to yourself on a daily basis. Before I started rewiring my brain, I started paying attention to mine. It was awful. I said things that I was so ashamed to even THINK of. Because your subconscious takes things literally and personally, each time we put ourselves down, we are stacking those beliefs about ourselves into our subconscious and finding joy becomes harder and harder. BUT here’s the other thing, our subconscious wants to be right (listen, Susan, so do I). So WHY NOT start saying good things? If it’s going to believe us, and it wants to be right, then let’s start giving it the right messages and take back our joy.

If this woo-woo magic is new to you, take it slow. It was new to me, not too long ago. So you’re in the right place. What you will notice is that when you start to do this work and feed your mind the good stuff, you will begin to see many areas in your life change for the good. You’ll find yourself able to get unstuck a little easier, and you’ll find yourself coming back to the joy you were born with.


xoxo, C