Dear Netflix, I'm Disappointed


The world doesn't need anymore fat suits.

You can do better.

Dear Netflix,

Recently, I saw the preview for “Insatiable,” and to put it in the classiest way I can, I was disappointed.

Let me just sum it up for you: the world does not need another story about a fat girl who doesn’t have any of the things her classmates do, only to become skinny, be desirable and get everything she wants.


Also, a fat suit? Really? Just stop. We are far beyond that.

First of all, I wanted to tell you that there are girls in the world who are not skinny, who actually do enjoy their high school years. I’m one of them. But there are also skinny girls who do NOT enjoy their high school years. So this idea that you’re putting out there – that if you’re fat, you’ll hate your life and have no friends and have no sex, and if you’re NOT fat, you’ll have all the sex, have all the boys, and all the things you want – is destructive to both boys and girls. It teaches us that AS LONG AS YOU’RE SKINNY, YOU’LL BE OKAY.

And if you’re not, well maybe if you get your jaw wired shut (BTW, this is not the healthiest way to lose weight – another message that is destructive), you’ll lose enough weight to be acceptable.

Maybe you’re confused about what would make a great show. Let me help you.

How about a show where ANY girl, of ANY size or ethnicity or ANY sexual orientation, loves who she is, and uses her strength and self love to do some badass shit in the world?!

How about one where the fat girl dates whoever she wants? Or where the black girl is the superhero? Or the lesbian plans the wedding of her dreams? Or, or, or. You get the point.

Just know that there is an entire population of people who is ready to be done with these crappy fat girl loses all the weight and gets all the things plots. It’s insulting. We want more.

And more importantly, the girls of the next generation? They NEED more than that. If we have a chance at changing the world for the right reasons, this shit has GOT TO GO.

C’mon, Netflix. You gave us Queer Eye. You can do better.


The girl who still doesn't fit the mold, but has all the things