5 Ways To Fight Anxiety Today

5 Ways to Fight Anxiety Today

Kick that bitch to the curb.

By now, it's no secret that I am a self-named Anxiety Warrior. I have fought it every day for the last two years, and for many days before that (it just looked and felt different before I had a baby). As a warrior, I've come to find that there are a few things that really help me out. They don't make it disappear, but they do take the edge off most days. And even if you don't battle anxiety regularly, I'm thinking these things are simply good for our overall wellbeing and sanity. Here goes!


1.     Get of Social Media. Ironic, right? Because of course, this post was likely shared with you via social media. I find that scrolling through the never-ending feeds plunges me down a road of comparison, stress and full on self loathing. Um, no thanks. If we’re constantly comparing ourselves to the people on social media who spend hours taking ONE GOOD SHOT on the beach, we’ll never have a moment to look around at the beautiful things and people right in front of us.

2.     Fuel your body with good stuff. Okay listen, it’s SUPER easy to reach for the crap. And I’m not saying don’t ever do that. Because let’s be honest, sometimes a doughnut is THE ONLY thing that can make a girl feel like everything is right with the world again. Often, my anxiety is worse first thing in the morning and late at night. So to combat it in the morning, I drink lemon water right away, and then I make myself an amazing green smoothie with all the goodness. Sometimes, my stress level is heightened when I know I’m NOT eating in a way that is healing my body. So if nothing else, I know I have this routine in the morning to reset everything. And there’s ZERO guilt involved when you give your body veggies in the form of dessert (that’s what I often call my smoothies) J Plus, did you know that a bunch of our serotonin (the happy hormone) is located in our gut??? So if we are eating like crap, our anxiety and depression is more likely to go through the roof. Okay, now that I’ve had my shake, please pass the cheese.

3.     Move. Preferably outside. Fresh air and movement are good for the soul. It’s more likely that it just means you have to get your ass out the door. Once you’re there, I know you won’t argue with me on this one. I HATE the gym. So if I’m going to get moving, it’s gotta be at home or doing something outside. AND YES A GOOD WALK IS A GREAT WORKOUT, so don’t feel bad if you’re not the one throwing big balls around a room or making it to every yoga class.

4.     Meditate. Seriously, even like 5 minutes of this every day is SO AMAZING. If this is new to you, I’d recommend an app that guides you through it. I use Meditation Studio. It has all kinds of categories and lots of options for timed meditations. I do it in the morning right when I wake up, and at night before sleep. And really, anytime in between. There’s something about connecting with the energy that moves through all of us… connecting with your breath and setting intentions… it’s just magic. I love the ones that guide me through kicking that bitch to the curb. Yes, I always refer to my anxiety as “that bitch.”

5.     Acknowledge and release. Lately, it has helped me to just acknowledge the feelings of anxiety. Like when it feels like the freight train is coming right at you and your chest might explode from the fiery mountain of fear inside? You know that feeling, right? I picture it (it’s always a freight train in my mind), and then instead of beating myself up about not being able to keep the thing from coming at me, I envision myself releasing it from my body. As if it were a dove being set free. I give myself grace because some days are harder than others. And some days, I have to just go to sleep in order for the freight train to derail. But sometimes, no MOST of the time, releasing it makes it feel like I’m gaining back a little bit of control.