20 Things You Didn't Know About Me


What are your truths?

Be shameless in sharing them.

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of me in a swimsuit. I did it because I think we ALL need to feel empowered to do, wear, say, look, feel, act however we damn well please. But the lesson I gained from it was far more powerful than anything I could have imagined. The response was overwhelming – in a good way. I got so many amazing messages of “OMG I’m so inspired by you!” And really, what I think people were saying was, “I feel known because you feel how I feel.” The truth – the gut wrenching, heart aching, sweaty palms truth – is what brings us together. It brings all of our uniqueness together and says, “You’re actually not alone.” And isn’t that what we all want? Connection? To be seen and known and loved just the same?

So in an effort to be an absolute, unequivocal truth teller, here are some of my truths that you may not know. Some may make you uncomfortable. I'd ask you to allow yourself to sit with that. Maybe they’re similar to your truths too. I’d encourage you to write down some of yours. Even if you don’t share it with the world, know that I see you and that your truths MAKE YOU WHO YOU ARE. And YOU, my love, are pure magic.

  • I’m an artist – I have a deep and real longing to be seen and known.
  • I didn’t identify as an artist until about 48 hours ago. I think I thought there was something unsettling about it before then? Not sure yet.
  • I write so that you can see yourself in my experiences. So that we both can be known.
  • I fight with food every second of my day.
  • I preach positive self-talk, but I haven’t yet mastered it.
  • I believe pain is a part of joy.
  • I believe failure is a part of success (not the opposite of it).
  • I am sick of people telling me what a pretty face I have - as if my face is pretty, despite my non-pretty body. I’ve literally been told that my whole life.
  • I believe you can love yourself while also wanting to reach for a better version of you.
  • I was (am) the funny one because I wanted people to see THAT before they noticed the size of my body, or the fact that I was so uncomfortable in it.
  • It gives me anxiety to write these things down, knowing people I love will read it, and it might make them uncomfortable.
  • Connection and personal growth are what I call my North Star values.
  • Addiction runs rampant in my family (so, you know, you’re not alone on that one either).
  • I’m constantly afraid I’m going to screw up my kid because of the fact that I haven’t healed myself from all the things. Yet.
  • But I also know that working on myself will be the greatest gift I can give to him because it will help me to parent from love instead of fear.
  • I will heal.
  • I will do things that people, even currently, think I can’t do.
  • I will make and create and build awesome shit.
  • I will share myself over and over so that you can feel seen and known too.
  • I love who I’m becoming and I love sharing it with the world.