About claire


I'm Thinking we should be friends...

I’m so happy you’re here. My name is Claire Hammill and I’m a born and raised Seattleite. It seems natural to tell you all the roles I play in life, but I also want you to really know who I am. My hope is that you can read a little bit about my most important roles, and see my heart a little clearer.

I’m a mama to a toddler named Anthony. He is calm and steady, but BUSY, chatty and so, so joyful. And holy cow does he know how to throw a tantrum in public. I’m married to a calm and steady (see a theme here?) man named Mitch, who is an electrician, a train tracks and Legos builder, a man with an incredible life story, and an amazing out-loud book reader. We live a cozy little life with big dreams and big love. I mention these two roles – mama and wife – first because both of my boys have taught me more lessons than I could even count. The most important lesson I’ve learned by having a relationship with each of them is that healing and working on myself is the greatest gift I can give to the people I love.

You see, I lived in a box for a long time. A box where I thought that every rule had to be followed, that life was black and white, and that I was absolutely FINE as long as I did all the things that people expected me to, and acted like the person that people needed me to be. Come to find out, that doesn’t actually work. Who knew? I was burnt out, anxious and felt nothing like the truest version of me. Until I was about 25. Too long, right? Ugh. Don’t worry, it gets better.

The greatest gift I’ve ever given myself has been the gift of personal growth. I’ve invested time and money into learning about who I am, into healing, into books and classes about all things self-related, into exploring spirituality and the energy that surrounds us. And guess what? It has brought me to this exact place. I have learned that you can’t make any real, positive, lasting change in your life until you love yourself enough to do so. Self love is paramount.

So I changed everything. I quit my teaching job, I found a great therapist, I started working out and reading more and I launched this coaching business (in no particular order). I’ve been a teacher, a recruiter and a network marketer – all of which, I’d consider myself pretty successful at. But none of them brought the joy and fulfillment (like real, “this is my path” kind of fulfillment) like coaching does. My mission is to empower women to make changes in their life by learning and practicing self love and positive mindset (when I say that out loud, I always hear a voice in my head yelling, “SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!!!”).


Phew. I still get chills.

So whatever it is in your life that you’re feeling stuck with…whatever it is that causes stress or pain or heartache…I want to meet you right where you are, give you some tools to get through it, and celebrate you when you come out on the other side, victorious and most importantly, loving yourself unconditionally and fiercely.