I'm Claire!


I help you wake up to your worth so you can build the business of your dreams.

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I'm Claire.


I help you wake up to your worth so you can build the business of your dreams.

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A Radical Self Love Club for Bosses.

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I’m ready to hit my first $5k month in my business!

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To the big-dreaming, soft spot for everyone else, made-for-more, ambitious babe: I got you. 

What if we could take that dream on your heart and turn it into a reality? 

What if we could build your business around your busy schedule, and keep you aligned and ON FIRE about your purpose the whole time? 

What if we could help you create an impact AND and an income, while operating in your zone of genius? 

What if you had a framework for being able to hit your first $5k month before the end of the next quarter? 

If those questions make you giddy, then sister, you’ve come to the right place.  


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Radical Self-Love


I am NOT a business coach. But I can tell you that the ONLY reason I became successful in my business is because I finally stopped going to war with myself and my body - and no one that teaches about funnels or logos is talking about that. See, when it comes to coaching entrepreneurs, the industry is missing something: radical self-love. 

Why are they missing it? Because women are always taught to put themselves last. Because we think we have to work so hard on our systems and logistics and marketing, and we seem to forget the most important part: tapping into ourselves, our zone of genius and our story. That’s where I come in - I happen to be a Self Love Ninja.


More about me
I’m ready to hit my first $5k month!

"Since starting my work with Claire, I’ve found such a sense of relief in being able to hone in on who I truly want to serve in my business. She’s helped me look outside the box at possibilities my imposter syndrome was keeping me from seeing. She will, hands down, help you in whatever you need to find purpose and grow your business."

Megan, Seattle

Christina, owner of Big Fat Pregnancy

"I moved more on my business ideas in one session than I have in the last year. Claire is there to help identify where your blocks come from, and how to use it to move to the next step. None of my success in my business would have been possible without the heart work that I have done with Claire."

Lizzy, Owner, the Happyness Hackers

"Reaching out to Claire was the best decision I ever made. She is my beacon, and because of my journey with Claire, my path is lit up! She is a safe haven for her clients, and she is all in with her support, guidance, and celebrations."

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